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We are replacing BR Tracker Tool with ITSME Change Management module on 25-Nov-13. Please use ITSME for all BR activities, except for Bulk Upload BRs. Please note that for Bulk Uploads BR Tracker tool will continue. You can use BR Tracker only to view the details of other BR's.In case of any issues, Please get it touch with ITSME support team (
Please drop a mail to For any bulkupload related queries please get in touch with 040 - 66678153.
Public IP of BRTracker is:
Please Note our new Extension numbers : 6667- 8153,8155
Please Note our new Email:
Warning: The access to TTSL network is restricted for authorized personnel only. Access to TTSL Network is monitored and reviewed on regular basis, therefore you are advised not to attempt an unauthorized access to TTSL network and disconnect immediately. Any dissemination, use, review, distribution, printing or copying of information in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. TTSL reserves the right to take legal action against such personnel.